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Google Updates Hurting Anyone?

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Google Updates Hurting Anyone?

Hi all,

I am new here to Affilorama, and I have been very impressed by the in-depth training that Mark has offered. He really knows his stuff and I'm very fortunate to be able to learn from him and so many others here on this great site. I do, however, have concerns about Google's new algorithm updates and how they may affect the strategies that Mark implements in his teachings.

By trolling different sites and forums, I get the impression that many internet marketers have been hit hard by Google's new updates. I want to know if anyone here has had a noticeable decrease in the website traffic because of them. Do you think, in general, that the type of sites that we learn to build through AB2.0 and the Blog Bootcamp will be susceptible to the changes made? If so, what can we do in order to adapt to the current changes?

Thank you in advance for your comments.

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Funny you should ask. I've only had time to put one site up so far and it seems to have gotten hit hard. I was at position #10 for one of my keywords (which is also my URL) and now it's no where to be found. Traffic Travis suggests it's been delisted? Would love to know what the Google update entailed but further SEO testing might be needed. I hope I didn't get the Google Slap. Not sure why I would have, I didn't have many backlinks and were only building a few a day.
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Ups and downs in Google rankings are commonplace, especially the first year or two of having a domain/site. The best way to confront this is by avoiding questionnable, spammy SEO techniques. Put out quality content and you will attract quality to your site.
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Hey Guys,
what backlinking strategies did you use to have the site ranked, I have several site in diffferant niches and they seem to go up and down on a frequent basis, if the site is only been up for a few days or weeks, i would give it time to settle with the search engines , keep submitting articles to build up the back links and come back to it in a weeks time to see how your efforts have been rewarded by the search engines, was this only applicable to google or did you get the same from bing and yahoo...?
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It might be temporary, if its permanent than you should definitely start looking into your site building strategy again. With this update Google has started giving prominence to sites that are being regularly updated and have multiple content medias.
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it can take 3-4 months for a new site to stick, and then it still can be tricky. best thing i ever did was to stop focusing on search rankings and start focusning on getting people to my site, wherever I can get them. this lead me into social groups, and actually paying attention to how much benefit i was really getting from every liink i put out to my site.

by doing this, my rankings are better than ever, and yet, I don't need them. if google changes, and i lose my rankings, I lose about 20% of my business. yes it will hurt a little, but I am still going strong.

I find it funny that people teach to own your own domain, so that you don't lose your business to the whims of a freebie site like squidoo or hubpages. yet these same people teach to give total control of your traffic to Google, and your business is at the mercy of their whims.

Think outside the crowd. get your mind out of a rut, and instead of blindly following anyone, try to learn how to make things work for yourself.

This is in no way meant as a rant against Mark or the people here. I have learned a lot from them. However, I took what I learned here, figured out why and how it worked, and developed my own way of doing things that works for me.
Sometimes people say I am crazy for doing things the way that I do, but it is better for me to work hard than to sit around wondering when Google will dance around and drop my site off the rankings over night.
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