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Google Sniper 2.0 Is Coming - Will Anyone Quit AFF Method?

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Google Sniper 2.0 Is Coming - Will Anyone Quit AFF Method?

Hi All,

I get tons of emails from all kinds of IM gurus. George Brown is releasing google sniper 2.0 very shortly. He's warming everyone up with free videos about how his system is making him 6 figures outside of his IM business doing almost nothing, if you can believe it.

The premise of the system is that if you set up little websites that are optimized according to his specifications, you can make an absolute killing without building any backlinks via blogging, article posting, etc. It appears that the foundation of the system is to get a url that includes the product name and the word "review." It seems all too good to be true and maybe it is.

As usual, I looked at his google search results screen shots and his overstuffed clickbank account. For some reason however, he didn't do a very good job trying to hide the search results for his prototype google sniper site. So, I was able to find his *new* sniper site and verified the search results for the search term. Top 4 in Google for a site that was created in January is not too bad. I could not believe how basic and small his site was though. 4 articles, a couple images and a youtube video.

Then I took a look at the product's sales page. Skimpy and not very convincing compared to other product's sales pages in the same niche. Gravity less than 1.

I have no idea how this system can work if the product is completely dead in the water in a very profitable niche. I suspect that the sniper sites rank high initially and then fizzle out.

Any thoughts?
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"One size fits all" does not apply to internet marketing. While there will be marketers who will find success with google sniper, there will also be those who will not and will instead find success through other methods.

I have no fears for the future of the Affilorama method, specially with google cracking down on low-quality sites :)
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I bought the original Google Sniper and George is a genuine guy who does know his stuff. It's basically just good on page SEO - domain keywords, meta tags, keyword density and LSI keywords. With average traffic/low competition keywords, it's not hard to get them to rank quite high. I got a couple in the top 3 of Google within a couple of weeks.

Only problem I found with the old Sniper system (the new one may be different, and I'll probably buy it just to see what it's all about) is that it relied a lot on fake 'I cured my problem, you can too' blogs which I don't really like. But if you take the review site path, you can have a pretty effective website. Combine that with good buying keywords and I've no doubt it can make you money. It's just the same kind of thing that people so with Adsense sites - long-tail keyword, good SEO, get it ranking and let it make a few dollars a day.

I don't think Sniper 2 and Affilorama are mutually exclusive, I just prefer the added value approach of Mark's stuff - my websites now average 20-30 pages of good content, which Google loves just as much :-)

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