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Google Analytics - What Would You Like To Learn?

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Google Analytics - What Would You Like To Learn?

Hey Everyone,

I've been looking at my GA stats and there are somethings that I'd like to understand better. So, I started to snoop around in there and noticed "Common Questions" so I thought, "Yah, what are some common questions?" and there was ..... ONE.... question in there. :^ Well, I didn't give up.. I click on that single question and actually found something useful I thought I'd share with you guys. ... plash&rd=1

That link takes you to the Google IQ page where you can learn more about how to use this great program to help you increase your website conversions and all sorts of other great stuff.

One thing that bugs me is old websites I want to remove. I have not figured out how to get them outta there.

What about you? What would you like to learn?
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In the "Old Version" in your list of sites on the right hand side under "Actions" you will see a "Delete" button.

New version:

To delete a profile:

Select the profile you want to edit from the Profile menu.

Click the Profile Settings tab.

Click Delete this profile at the bottom of the page.

Click Delete in the confirmation message.
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I click on that single question and actually found something useful I thought I'd share with you guys. ... plash&rd=1

Thank you for sharing Chrisi! While I have the basic knowledge of how GA works, it's nice to know there's a place to go to and study the application in-depth. The Interpreting Reports category interests me because this analysing GA reports can be quite challenging. Another task to add to my to-do list! :)
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I have heard the most used feature is the bounce rate on your web site. for one great reason part of the google page rank is based on bounce rate how long your company stays.
One plugin I found that helps is the slick contact form it seems to stop spam and the spam bots are only on site a few seconds so it messes with the bounce rate but this is just my theory.
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