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Free Autoblogging System

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Free Autoblogging System

Hi everyone,

I am about to reveal a little method that anyone can use to get organic & targeted traffic, well written articles, a good sense of SEO and with determination and about 1 hour a day, a good little income.

Before you get started:

You will need a Clickbank account

This is not a fully automated system and actually its not a software or plugin, instead, it is a lawful way of getting excellently written articles to use freely on your blog. I will also show you a few sites that I use to get targeted traffic.

So here goes and hold tight, I will try to be as noob friendly as possible so that you fully understand the concept.

The first and most important step that you need to do is to discover a hungry niche to market your site around, it seems that after much reading, this is the one most people are stuck on but actually, this is the easiest part.

Just think of anything that bothers you in the real world and you would like a cure for, some examples might be suffering with migraines, sleeping problems, eczema, high blood pressure, arthritis, low income and making money online etc

I found the best niches are the ones most personal, everyone wants more money, everyone wants to be happier and healthier, these so called evergreen niches.

For this example, I am going to use the migraine niche being a sufferer of migraines myself, it will also benefit me in my ability to promote the affiliate link.

Step 1:

Go to Clickbank and type in migraines into the search to see what comes up, have a look at the statistics and affiliates sites and just trust your instinct here. I cant say more than this, it really is a heartfelt intuition who I choose to promote. In this example, I actually spoke to the owner of the website and kindly asked if I could review his book, surprisingly he gave me the book for free in exchange for a testimonial! So I gave him one after reading the book which I felt to be of great value to me.

I am aware that some people will study the gravity of each product and might base their opinion on this figure, however, I myself finding it slightly deceiving. You never why and where the product is performing well, are they promoting through PPC or banners, unfortunately its impossible to know.

So now you have a nice affiliate you feel is offering a good product to promote.

Step 2
Now click the view pitch sales page link under the affiliate you wish to promote an example might be:

Copy and paste this URL into a keyword analysis tool like Traffic Travis or Google Keywords, you will now see a bunch of keywords associated to this product and niche. If using Google make sure that you retrieve a global analysis of the words, then organise the Global Monthly search volume to arrange the highest search terms first.

Now you want to take note at the first question being asked from the keywords, you will see that the Keyword Migraine comes out first with over 1 million searches a month, but this is too general, by scrolling down the next question type search you will see it is "cures for migraines" with over 18,000 searches a month, this is a good starting point.

Step 3

Registering a domain, there are many ways to register a domain so will refrain to going into technical details, but you will need hosting as well, so bare this in mind if you dont have hosting space.

Try to find a long tailed domain name with the question being asked, so something like, curesformigraines.com, naturalcuresformigraines.com, howtocuremigraines.com etc

These in my opinion are quite ugly domains, but perfect for the search engines and branding your site. Just go to flippa.com and see how well these types of domains do, they naturally get traffic due to the keywords plus a good income.

Step 4

Now, setup a Wordpress blog on the domain that you have purchased. If you are strapped for cash and cant afford a premium template, you dont need to buy one, here is an excellent free ad sense ready template you can use on your site http://learnfinancialplanning.com/go/JohnGalt_1.5.zip

Download and install, if you have Adsense you can set up this up on the template plus any other customisations like widgets and the header and footer.

Step 5

This is the exciting part, now with your keyword prepared, go to Wikihow and do a search for the keyword. You will see many how to articles on how to based on the keyword you searched, in this particular case the how to style answers were perfect, if you scroll all the way down to the bottom you will also see a "embed this article" button, now click the button and copy and paste the html code.

Step 6

Now go back to Google and do a search for "how to cure migraines" you will now see a list of different question type search queries on how to cure a migraine, when you post your new article, you want the title to include all the keywords in one of these search queries an example would be "How to naturally cure migraines in 5 easy steps"


    1) Make sure to leave the original authors link in tact at the top, otherwise if using Adsense you run the chance of getting banned if the author reports your site.

    2) Dont be lazy, fix the article and remove messy code
    This can be completed in less than 1 hour, to spend 1 hour a day would be a great investment in you and your business by rewriting the articles or paying someone to rewrite the article for you

    3) Make sure to put up your affiliate links in the sidebar or whether you want to promote the product

    4)Try not to promote the links in the articles themselves, this will come across as spammy

There are numerous plugins for Wordpress to make this even better, if you want more info just comment and I will come back with a list of excellent plugins.

But in the mean time, stay focused and keep trying.

All the best
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Sorry, but this is not a good long term strategy. By creating unique, valuable content you will have a long term asset. Any attempt to get around this and take shortcuts is undermining your efforts.
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List not growing fast enough?
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I agree with Esolutions. You can't build trust and authority by using other people's content. I do use similar techniques to fill in an autoresponder, but Google does not like sites made up of redistributed content. Besides, most of the articles people are posting on article sites like that are crap. They aren't well researched or well written. they are just there for the purpose of backlinking, and people tend to not do their best on the content that they syndicate.
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Yeah, my own personal rule is that the content on my actual website must be of the absolute highest quality.

I might build links with "B-level" articles, I always make sure that the absolute best stuff is on my site.

That means completely 100% original, high quality articles.

I don't believe that autoblogging will be a viable strategy in the near future (if it even still works at all now...).
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