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Any one give me some good forums to post our affiliate links and signature links
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It is best to find forums that are in your niche to post signature links to. Do a Google search for: forum "keyword" or "message board" "keyword" to find related forums. I think it is better to link back to one of your own pages than linking directly to an affiliate product.
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Posting your affiliate links to forums is a waste of time as your account will get blocked, the links removed and any clicks will yield very low if any conversions. As mentioned above, build a link back to your site and start the relationship that way.
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I suggest you first try to find forums that are related to your niche and at the same time have a large amount of traffic every day. Make sure that these forums allow you to post links in the signature section.

Also, remember NOT TO SPAM these forums. Instead, try to be helpful to everyone and share your thoughts and opinions so you'll be recognized and people will click your links eventually.

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Forums related Niche is a must, you have to search, and then read and follow their rules....
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Ashok Sinha
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Hi padswe1970,

I edited your post to removed the affiliate link. We do allow members to post links to their pages, sites or their affiliate links on their forum signatures. We do not allow placing affiliate links on the actual forum post ,as is the case in most, if not all forums.

When you find a good forum to participate in, make sure read their terms and to follow it. Be helpful and refrain from posting irrelevant comments. Make the effort to provide information and value to the other users in the forum. Do not post just for the sake of getting your link on there. Provide helpful comments. That's how you build your reputation and get clicks to your links.

Hope that helps. Have a good day!
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Go to big boards and look up what forms in the niche that you are looking for ! Its bigboardsdot com
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