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Forums offering digital marketing services

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Forums offering digital marketing services


Huge fan of Affilorama here. I noticed that the Affilorama forum has a section dedicated to services. Do you guys know of any other forums that allow people to offer services for free on there?

Many thanks!
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You can do a manual search for this by using "search footprints" that will help you target the forum websites faster.

Here are the common footprints for forums:

vBulletin - "Powered by vBulletin"
phpBB - "Powered by phpBB"
XenoBB - "Powered by XennoBB" + "Xenno Group"
PHPNuke - "PHP-Nuke Copyright" + "by Francisco Burzi"
MyBB - "Powered By MyBB" "Return to Content | Lite (Archive) Mode"
FluxBB - "Powered by fluxbb"
UseBB - "Powered by UseBB 1 Forum Software"
XMB Forums - "Powered by XMB"

For example, in searching for websites in Google, just enter something like marketing forums: "Powered by XMB"

Then you can manually search the forum section for the services thread.
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Well, I believe Warrior forum is one of the top forums with this type of offering service section available, so do check it out. As per rest, I think Maryt gave perfect idea which can help you get plenty of such forums…. Good luck
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Interesting information need to see and try this, thanks
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