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fitness forums?

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fitness forums?

does anyone know any good fitness, weight loss or muscle building forums that allow a link in the signature? and blogs and anywhere else to get good quality relevant links from?
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Hi Dave,

I stumbled on some fitness forums like World Training Fitness Forum and ShapeFit but I am not sure if they allow links on signatures or anchor texts.

As for blogs, you may want read this post on how to find niche blogs for your market

Hope that helps. Have a good day!
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Thanks Cecille :),

Davey, some niches are really hard to find forums in. Just because you cant get links from them doesn't mean they cant be valuable. you can still build relationships with people, and get your name known, then, when people PM you, you can share a link to your site with them that way.
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Thanks, for the forum list guys and for the wait loss diet program you can refer my signature.
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