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First page on Google

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First page on Google

Dear Forum,
I just made it to the front page of google for my domain name in 8th position. I was on the second page of google for several months.

My question is should I expect results or should I wait for one of the top 4 positions?. Another question is should I start a backlink campaign? Right now I have no backlinks.

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I guess it all depends on if it is a "buying keyword" and if it is you really should try to get into the number one position which will require you to start backlinking. The sooner the better.
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no backlinks yet you're on the first page eh? that's very lucky of you.. expand your reach and pick a couple more keyword to optimize.. and start doingbacklinks
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I wouldn't say luck has anything to do with it. With no backlinks, it's gotta be on-page SEO + low competition. To get that high with no backlinks, it is probably a very low comp keyword usually associated with low demand. So unless you secure on of the top 3 spots, I doubt you will see any considerable results. Of course it always depends on how good your keyword is and what's the comp/demand ratio.
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You definitely need to build backlinks. It is common for a keyword domain to find a temporary home on page one however your website is unlikely to remain there if there are not some backlinks created. Backlinking is the key to staying on page one of any of the search engines.

Being on page one of the search engines will not necessarily create a cash flow result. Most people searching for a service or product do not look beyond the top four websites provided by the search engines. This makes it unlikely for your site to make sales on a consistent basis.

So good luck. Get busy and start creating backlinks to your website. Depending on the competiveness of your keyword you should be able to quickly climb upwards on the page.

Margene Smith
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