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First Page On Google After 3 Weeks!

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First Page On Google After 3 Weeks!

I bought a domain the 18th of november and started working with it around the 22nd-23e.. I checked the rankings like 4 days ago and I was not in the top 100 for any term. However, I checked the specific sites I am trying to rank for and not my domain name.

Anyway, I checked my domain name and found out that I was ranked 9, 11 and 15 for one of my review posts. I am so happy :- ) Unfortunately I'm not 100% sure exactly how I did it as I have changed my approach to SEO lately but I'm sure I can try and figure it out somehow, hehe..

The keyword that I am ranking 9 for has 1600 exact matches/month so that's pretty good.. And I started off this journey as a complete beginner. It goes to show that anyone can master this, but you have to really devote some time to it in the beginning.

Now I'm just gonna keep creating backlinks and work on that review to get it to 1st position.

Wooop Woooop. Happy Happy!
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Making quality back links will surely ranked your site to the top. However, you should be also aware of what is the latest in SEO to know whether to have to change strategy or not. Congratulations for the good rank!
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its good to see, but be warry with a site this new, you are probably experiencing the Google Dance. it could stay there for a while, and it couuld vanish over night.

When you have a brand new site, google wont trust it for about 6 months. the rankings will fluctuate a lot during that time. sometimes it will be high, and sometimes it will drop off to the nether regions of space and time.

However, it will stabilize. just don't get so sure of yourself so fast with a brand new site. SEO is a lot tougher than just throwing a few backlinks at a new domain.
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Hi aeybey,

How is your site doing now? I hope you've maintained your rank and are continuously building links and driving traffic to your site. This should further improve your rank, if not, it will help your site stay on the same rank. Don't get discouraged if you see your rank go down, the ranking for new sites tend to fluctuate as search engines determine your site's relevance to your target keywords.

Happy New Year!
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