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Filezilla error "230 From 15th February 2010 you...

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Filezilla error "230 From 15th February 2010 you...

I cant upload any files, keep getting this error. I am using the hosting from Affilorama, I used the information provided in the hosting section.

Filezilla error "230 From 15th February 2010 you will need to unlock FTP before you can login, check your control panel or contact support for more information"

Any help appreciated!
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Hey there

Try going to your affilorama hosting, locking and then unlocking your ftp.
My site had a similar error message and this worked for me so good luck!

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The lock/unlock FTP feature was added as a security measure. FTP is locked on all accounts as standard. This is to help prevent your site being attacked. You can unlock FTP for a set period of time; we recommend that you do this only for short periods. We would advise that you prepare any changes to your website and then, when you are ready to upload it, unlock FTP for one hour. If you need longer, then please select the relevant option below. However, we would advise you to only unlock FTP for short periods.
We require this because of the many PC viruses circulating that steal passwords stored within FTP clients. We recommend that you do not store your passwords inside your FTP software for this reason. Instead, you should manually re-enter passwords each time you wish to use FTP.
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