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few visits to my website, no sales

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few visits to my website, no sales

hello everyone...

i could really use your opinion on my website:

i am only getting a few hits per week, well 100 to 150 visits per week. my site has only been up for about a month... i have been selling on ebay and etsy for the past year and doing well. but got tired of the fees.

my question is... is about 100 visits per week with avg time spent 2mins, good or normal for being new? also, i would think with all those people looking, i would be making at least a few sales... but i have not had a single one!

i would love any suggestions you might have!
thank you!
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i have the same problem i even hired companies to help and after thousands of dollars spent and no sales.
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Hi Paul,

You actually have a nice looking website but being up for only a month your website is still in its infancy. Advertising could work in this case.

There are small articles and descriptions that need to be rephrasedThe second sentence below your Welcome banner is better off as “Our dog apparel is made to be comfortable for your pet and Easy for you.”

The dog in the web page is really cute however pet lovers tend to be attracted to sites that show images of likeness to their beloved pets. So it might be a good idea to show different kind of small dogs in the pictures.

I also suggest that the “Options” buttons be removed as they only bring up the same page as the link above it. Keep it tight and sweet.

I hope this helps.
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There are a lot of factors to consider on conversions. Look at numbers, it can vary by how much traffic, where your traffic comes from, the specific keywords you are targeting, competition within the niche, how compelling your content and calls to action are, the layout of your links on your site, how well you are pre selling people before they see the offer, and a lot of other things.

On average, you can expect a 1-2% conversion rate, if you do really good. But that is an average over time. You could have products with over 1000 hops and no sales, then get 10 sales in the next 50 hops.

You also have to actively promote your site to your target market. Do a lot of direct marketing by going onto forums, blogs, facebook fan pages and groups, and other places where you know your target market are looking for information. Help people as much as you can, and give an honest opinion of what you see, think or/and have experienced.
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Hi, Paul. My brother, James, told me that I really shouldn't worry about conversion rates until I get the traffic up to about 100 per day (or 3000 a month). Below that, and you don't have a lot of data to really work with. Remember, it's a numbers game. The more visitors you have, the more sales you'll be able to get.

One of my sites is getting about the same amount of traffic yours is getting. Now, admittedly, it's not fully set up according to Blueprint standards, but it's only getting a sale every 2 or 3 months. Grow your traffic.

Something I learned from Mark is that Revenue = Leads x Conversions x Sales per customer x Transactions per customer. The first, and most important, part of that is Leads. Without the leads, you have no opportunities for sales.

You need to remember that an awful lot of traffic that comes to your site, especially before you've had a chance to build up a reputation, are "tire kickers". They come looking at your site to see what you have to offer. In fact, a large number will look at the site and realize that it's not what they were looking for and hit the back button. As you build a reputation, the time on site will naturally go up, and even if it doesn't the conversions will start to increase.

Don't get discouraged! It does take time. But if you keep at it, you will be able to build a profitable site!
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I've seen your site and I must say that your website has a lot of potential for getting traffic and achieving sales. 100 to 150 a week for just a couple of months running is not bad. But you must also realize that your site is just new and you need to give it some time to catch more traffic and attract potential customers.

What you must do is to optimize your website - on page and off page. Try to do keyword research and pick keywords that are competitive (meaning has potential for more traffic with less competition).

Also try to create content, preferably establish your own blog page on your website. This way you will get leads for your target keywords plus also set yourself as "guru" in that niche. You may want to add social media marketing to promote your products as well. Facebook, Twitter, social bookmarking sites, and YouTube are good places to get leads.
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