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Facebook quadruples number of advertisers

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Facebook quadruples number of advertisers

Pretty interesting read...

Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Facebook has revealed that the number of groups advertising on the site has quadrupled since the beginning of last year but declined to release specific figures.

The social networking site has over 500 million users and Bloomberg claims that it is relying on ads to maintain sales growth.

Mike Murphy, vice president of global sales at Facebook, said: "We're very well positioned as people come out of this current economic situation. What we've become is absolutely core to marketing campaigns."

It is believed that companies are now spending more money on advertising after a lull in the recession and that the social networking site is a good way to target consumers who spend large amounts of time on the internet.

Facebook sells ads which are placed on the homepages of users. The ads can also appear on the user's profile page.

Customers of the site include Proctor & Gamble Co, Toys 'R' Us and Virgin America Inc.

In the first quarter of 2010 Facebook had the most display ads on the internet, amounting to 176.3 billion, according to comScore.

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This doesn't surprise me. Facebook is big beast!
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I use fan pages and applications to build up my own sites some. however, i dont advertise, i do them like my sites and blogs, and how I approach forums.

go in, meet people, help people, asking for nothing in return, share articles and blog posts that would be interesting to my followers, not just my own sites, and basically build relationships with people. then occassionally post one of my pages for my site. usually do this with articles, not review pages, and NEVER aff links.
I get a lot of traffic this way, and several sales. i even get people sharing and inviting friends to join my pages without even asking them to.

I am starting up one for IMRelations, got the page set up but fixing to start promoting it some.

now, facebook pages wont get indexed in search rankings. What i do is set up a page on my website talking about my fan page or application, inviting my website visitors to join me.
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