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Email marketing in health niches

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Email marketing in health niches

Lately, I've been soaking up a bit of time learning email marketing, and from what most people advise is that the aim is to keep your subscribers "warm" by:

1) Staying in regular contact i.e. emailing at least once a week
2) Writing valuable/useful content and;
3) Occasionally offering that related affiliate product

Now I understand the concept, but how do I make a long-term income from a list where a subscriber signs up for a newsletter to a specific health problem?

For example, a free mini-course attached to sales letter for a hemorrhoid cure or yeast infection. Surely, most subscribers would have fixed their problem within 3 months. And so, how do I keep these subscribers warm so I can make money from the list month-after-month?

It's not like the internet marketing niche, where a new MMO online is launched every week - making the gurus' rich.

I still have to pay Aweber each month no matter what!

What do you think?
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If you listen to a lot of marks training, he actually uses the Yeast infection niche as an example all the time. this is part of knowing your niche and not just jumping at something because some guru told you to do it.

If you know your niche, you already know the answer to that. they probably wont want a newsletter to remind them of a problem they dont have any more, so a newsletter on yeast infections isnt necessarily a great idea.

You always have to know your niche. some niches rely on a one time sale, while other niches work on repeat sales over a long period of time. Honestly, if you dont know your niche well enough to know where they fall, do more research. but, it sounds like you know the answer to your own question already.

I generally wouldnt recommend just going for these one time sale niches. it makes a good site for seo, and I am not saying dont target them,but the real money earners are in a broader niche with multiple problems that you can help with over time through an email system. So, I would have at least one broad niche site with an email list. (at least if you want this to be a full time income)
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You can't really make a long term income with "one-time sale" niches, but what you can try is to introduce new products to your subscribers. Going with your example of a site curing hemorrhoid problems... what are ways to avoid having hemorrhoids? A good diet that will lessen constipation is one way. You can then send an email to your subscribers about one way to get prevent hemorrhoids, and then answer that problem with a link to a diet/wellness site that you have. So, from being in your hemorrhoid cure list, they can go to being part of your wellness site list where you can promote more products to them, for a longer period of time. I can't guarantee if this will work, but it's an idea that you may want to try.

Have a good day!
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