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I found a great to make some extra money, I make money money answering questions
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No offense but if you really want to use forums as a way to get your link out and make some money, then you should at least do it properly.

Nobody is going to to copy and paste your very apparent affiliate url.

1. The first thing you need to do is actually make it a clickable link instead of straight text.

2. Go and set up your own domain with a name related to weegy and have it redirect to your weegy using your affiliate link. That way you at least mask your affiliate link.

3. Try contributing to the forum before you go and spam your affiliate urls/links. 3 posts with the same exact words will only get you on the fast track to being banned by the mods.

But I know you have to start somewhere...


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Account deleted.

Grr. Don't be spamming my forum first thing in the morning.
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