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Duplicate Content Myth

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Duplicate Content Myth

Saw this on one of the sites that I get news from. Interesting read. Google talks about dupe content


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Thanks for sharing. Its strange that Google say one thing and yet the reality as experienced by some of the comments left says something different!
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It's crazy isn't it? I have to agree. Google says one thing and does another, often the exact opposite. From what I've come across it's the same with their SEO rules at times too. Some real consistency would be nice.
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Yes, it would be swell if we could have the insiders guide to SEO via Google especially if we offer quality content and not spam or garbage. I still see websites ranking number 1 and all they are is an entire page of Adsense and other such advertising. What is that type of content considered? It's not duplicate because there is "no" content on the page at all. ><

On an encouraging note... I am seeing some of my old websites that have quality content getting new traffic and higher rankings. So, it must be true that Google is doing some weeding work, which is good for those of us providing quality content.

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