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Does your article title have to be unique?

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Does your article title have to be unique?

When posting one of your articles on EzineArticles does your title have to be original or unique, or can you use the same title as someone elses article?

I searched one of my keyword phrases and it had around 50 pages worth of articles. At 10 articles per page that adds up to around 500 articles written with that keyword phrase. So clearly that is going to be a problem if my title has to be different. That could take forever trying to brainstorm up a different title. I can just imagine it telling me over and over: "sorry that title is already taken, please try another one".

I didn't see any with the same title so that's why I'm asking.

Someone please tell me that I don't have to sit there all day trying to come up with a title that isn't already taken?
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You don't need to check if you have used the same title as someone else's article. As long as it's not intentional, I don't think there is anything wrong with it. However, your title should reflect what your article is about. If you are offering fresh information on your topic, your title would be unique.

I checked Ezine and they have no rules against using the same article title. Please read this article for more information on Article Title Guidelines
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I think it's not necessary to always have a unique title for each article you make, because if it is then there would really be a very little chance for you to have a unique title for just a single article you make. What is more important to bare in mind is that your article title definitely speaks out what is the your article all about. However, if you are creative enough it is much better to make unique titles for your articles which will draw a lot of people to read on to your article.
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If you spice up your article title,and add a little life to it, you will generally find that it isn't a problem.

For example, instead of just submitting an article titled "How to Get a Date With Attractive Women"

Make it slightly longer, and more apealing like:

10 Easy Ways to Get a Date With Attractive Women, And Have Them Begging You To Take Them Out Again
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With ezine articles because the title of the article is the URL you will have to make it different.

This might be achieved just by adding a dash or an extra word or two. So instead of 'the guide to buying diamond rings online' your title could be ' The essential guide to buying diamond rings online'
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Yes, your article title should be unique and more importantly, representative of what your article is about. The other members gave pretty good examples. Also, if your article is unique/original, your title usually follows along the same lines.
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