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Does Clickbank charge extra fees?

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Does Clickbank charge extra fees?

I have my first check of 224$, but my bank recognize only 199$ due "probably" to Clickbank's bank costs.

When you cash your checks, do you have a decrease of the value of them due to these kind of costs?
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It depends on a lot of factors payment method and Country and so on. Here are some clickbank info: http://www.clickbank.com/accounting.html. Your bank will certainly always charge you something for paying you checks, there is a lot of extra work added to them for a bank to do the transaction.

[Rant] I canĀ“t believe in 2010 computer age that checks are used in US and lots of other countries that you would believe knew something about technology, we stopped to use them 50 years ago in our banking system[/Rant]

I think my bank charge something like 30$ to process a check so you are in the ballpark, should varry a bit from country to country.
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Yes, banks indeed charge certain fees for certain transactions, specially for foreign currency checks and other international forms of payment. And it varies from country to country.

Even for bank wire transactions, my bank charges me, although the sender has already paid some charges in full when they sent the bank wire.

That's how banks make money.
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