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Does anyone know a good Registry Cleaner

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Does anyone know a good Registry Cleaner

Hi Guys

Hope your all making money

My PC is acting up and recently a Registry Cleaner outfit had a pop up come on my PC with a message for a free analysis of the state of my computer.

I clicked on analize and they said I have 729 viruses, so I downloaded there program to see a charge for this service once I start using it

Now I have it on my computer but haven't signed up to pay for it because a Google search showed me it is a scam, which I should have done before the download (once you click on remove viruses that's when you pay for it to remove their own viruses)

Has anyone used a registry cleaner,that you feel good about ? And what was the outcome for your computer.

Could you give me a link (my PC froze up for about 5 minutes as I was writing this post, so I do have a problem) to the registry cleaner that you use.

Thanks : Larry
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Larry Bauge
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I had the same thing happen to me a couple of months ago. As you discovered, the anti-virus scan is actually loading a virus onto your computer. I had to do a system restore to fix the problem because I could not access the internet long enough to even search for a registry cleaner. Go to Kim Komando's web site at http://www.komando.com, click on downloads at the top, and then click on security under download library. She has tons of great downloads for all types of security issues. Hope that helps and good luck.
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Hi Larry,
Download this http://www.superantispyware.com

scan your pc with a FULL SCAN.
NOT the quick scan.

Then, use a reputable registry cleaner like regdefense.com
You can find that on clickbank and you can buy it through your own affiliate link.
It is a yearly fee. I use this one for my wifes PC.

Free ones tend to just be scams, so be warned.

I also want to point out to all members to make sure you do regular back ups of your computer files.
Even backing up every 3 months is better than no back up at all.
You can view a thread on it affiliate-hangout/pc-checkup-how-to-improve-my-pc-s-performance-t4742.html

Hope that helps.
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At majorgeeks.com there are some free registry cleaners. the ones i use are
ccleaner... it cleans up wasted space files and cleans registry well. Also Advanced systems care also free ... not only cleans and repairs registry but diagnoses and optimizes your desktop .. i like it... both can be found there plus a bunch of other things ... i have nothing to do with them just use there site a lot ... good luck.
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