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Do video lessons contain additional info to written text?

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Do video lessons contain additional info to written text?

Hey Guys,

Just starting with the first lesson 'Introduction to Affiliate Marketing'. I am on a slow broadband connection and was wondering if the videos contain anything extra to the text details below it. I watched the video for 5 mins. or so (before it started buffering) and it looked almost the transcription of the written word.

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Hi Naresh,

A lot of the text is the same as what is on the videos, Just a different method of learning.

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Why the video lessons? Eyes is the one which gets 75% attraction for the learning process. That is reasons videos gets more privileged than text materials. I too understand that both text and video has the same content. Video has more attraction than text contents.
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Actually the stuff in the videos tends to be briefer than the written text, so I think you'll be fine just sticking with the notes. The only time it's not so good is when you've got stuff that needs to be demonstrated on screen... like where to enter details into your FTP program and stuff like that. But you can choose just to watch those ones.
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