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Do Trial Offers Increase Sales?

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Do Trial Offers Increase Sales?

In the never ending quest for making sales, have any of you guys had increased sales offering "Trial Offers"? over the Full price offer? this a general question as far as conversion rate trial vs full price

i personally could split the conversion down the middle 50/50 on my best performing website.

But my other question is if theres a person that is on the fence (debating on buying) do you think pushing the trial offer would make the sale less stressful for the buyer?

knowing its not the full price and they are able to try the product your selling without pressure to pay full price (at that time).

I would like to know what you guys think about the (trial offers) as far as increased sales.
Thanks, Nathan
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I think it's a great idea but would like to watch this tread to see what some of the more experienced people say. I have seen a lot of people use the free trial. Like WA and Affilorama so you must be on the right track. Because these people must know a little about marketing lol.
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For me, Trial offers (and low cost) offers increase sales and commissions.

Heck, why do you think that CPA offers work so well these days?

The trick with trial offers is that you get way more people in the funnel. While around 70% may cancel, you still keep 30%.

Let's take an example:

A) You send 100 people to a sales page and only 1 visitor buy your product.

B) You send 100 people to the same sales page, and 10 decide to try it. Out of these 10, you keep 3 of them.

No need to tell who is the winner!

But as always, you need to test this (for yourself, because your niche is different than mine), but in general, it works very well.

Couple this with list building and it works like gangbusters.

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