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Do I have to follow the result I get from the product quiz

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Do I have to follow the result I get from the product quiz

I looked at the affilorama quiz:


I chose the different options and it seems that every recommendation for answering question 1 as a newbie all leads to AffiloBlueprint.

My question is is AffiloJetpack only for experienced individuals? As a newbie myself, should I not consider AffiloJetpack?
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The quiz is helpful in terms of deciding which product is best suited to your needs. Generally, the Affilobluerint is suited for newbies since this course is step-by-step and probably one of the complete and most in-depth courses out there in affiliate marketing. We highly recommend this course to complete newbies.

The Affilojetpack on the other hand, is not that complete and in-depth as the Blueprint. However, this course is still a good starting point for newbies.

If you want to take Affilojetpack, that is just fine. The advantage of starting with Affilojetpack is this product also provides you with ready-made content which makes it faster to build a website. But of course, if you are a total newbie, this can be challenging still since you have to learn things from scratch.

If you find the lessons in Affilojetpack a bit overwhelming, you can always refer to Affilobluprint lessons, which come free with Affilojetpack :)
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One of the key differences with Affiloblueprint and Affilojetpack is the training; Affiloblueprint has step-by-step lessons you can follow.

Affilojetpack is structured differently. It does include training, but they are not arranged chronologically as Affiloblueprint's training videos are.

Still, both courses can be used by new affiliate marketers, with Affilojetpack having the advantage of including the full Affiloblueprint as a bonus. So, you don't just get the content and the hosting, you get in-depth training from Affiloblueprint.
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