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DFY Funnels?

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DFY Funnels?

Howdy, guys.

I saw some plug-n-play Funnels platforms.
They offer: hosting, selection of high-converting affiliate products to pick from, auto-responder integration, intial training,..

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is there someone who have tried them and do you recommend any of them ??
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Never tried them man but I recommend Mastery Funnel Club by Anthony Morrison it's only 57 bucks a month and you get done for you shared funnels via clickfunnels in like 20 different niches.

They're even crafted by experts so they are very high converting. Was quite interesting seeing all the different niches for the funnels only thing is getting traffic to them because solo ads are mainly for mmo and crypto.

But i suppose Facebook is an excellent place to get leads no matter the niche.
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