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Curious: What's your motivation?

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Curious: What's your motivation?

A little question for you all:

Aside from that fact that we'd all like a little more money in our back pockets, what's your big motivation for getting into affiliate marketing / making money online in general?

What do you think your life will look like when you don't have to, as Mark says, "trade your hours for money" anymore? (ie, go into work every day)

What would you be doing if money wasn't an issue?
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My motivation has always been freedom. I got "the sickness" back in 2008, when I read the book The 4-Hour Work Week. I've wanted to do nothing more than travel and spend time doing what is important to me (writing, art, learning languages, etc).

I loved my 3-month trip to Thailand in 2010, and I love being able to take time off whenever I need to. I've been meaning to travel more, but I've only managed a few sporadic trips around North America, and a brief trip to Japan since then :)

I also love knowing that my income is directly related to my efforts. I don't have to slave away to please some supervisor and hope and pray that I'll be rewarded with a raise or a bonus... I just have to put together a campaign and run it to bring in more money without anyone to answer to.

Hope this answers your question :)
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My motivation is FREEDOM too. I've been working in pizzahut restaurant in Indonesia for about 18 years, from the very bottom level til now as a manager. Opening from one restaurant to another in some different provinces.

Suddenly I realize, I lost so many time to share with my family, my wife and 3 children. A friend recommended me to an affiliate marketing course in Indonesia in 2009, learnt hard a new skills and knowledge in this field and finally I found this great site AFFILORAMA.

I know I am not successful yet, from one mistake to another one, but I believe I will do later to pay time that I lost to share with my family because I've worked too hard in my current day job in Pizzahut.

If someone else outther can do it and succeed why can't I? Hope this answers your question.

Best luck and success!
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Freedom would be my answer as well. Not having to trade my time for money. I did get sick of feeling like a paid slave. I think it was in one of Robert Allen's books where he talked about being able to do what you want, where ever you want, with who ever you want, for how ever long you want. I like that. I don't want to "HAVE TO" do anything. I'd rather do the things I do because I want to, not because I have to.

Plus, I just think it's smarter to do work that you get paid for again and again from a one time effort rather than work that you only get paid for once. We create the articles for our websites one time and they can help bring in money again and again. So, creating a residual income is another motivation.

A third motivation, for me, is that I want to become self employed. I had a job that damaged my lungs so now it's kind of hard for me to do physical labor. So I'm currently stuck living with my dad. I know I will success eventually though - I'm determined, my situations sucks too bad for me to give up. :)

Accumulating physical possessions is not a motivation for me. I'm somewhat spiritual I guess - I'm not materialistic at all. I do plan on doing some traveling once I'm making a decent income. Once I get a handle on the financial area of my life and I can afford it, I plan on working on my health. I plan on going to the Hippocrates Health institute and maybe a couple of others to learn as much as I can. In the mean time, I'm working on a couple of affiliate sites in the health niche.

I also met a lovely Filipino girl online a couple years ago. We've been talking ever since. We plan on doing some traveling together when we can afford it. I'm trying to get her into affiliate marketing because she actually writes for a living. I'm trying to get her to see that she could be getting paid over and over again for her efforts rather than just getting paid once for each thing she writes. :)
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Earning money from the comfort of my home has been the biggest motivation when it comes to taking up affiliate marketing. I always wanted to make some extra money to make both ends meet. I thought affiliate marketing could be the best way to do so. I simply adore a site like affilorama that is intent on teaching the rudiments of affiliate marketing from scratch to an absolute novice like me.

In fact the lessons I find in affilorama is my second motivation. When I read some of those lessons I got inspired and took up affiliate marketing more seriously. Now I am of the opinion that affiliate marketing is the most interesting and adventurous way of earning money! What friends....? Am I right?
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My motivation is employment that I can depend on -- i.e. me being employed by me! I have a job which gives me just enough hours and just enough money to be constantly behind the 8 ball. Unemployment in my age group is 53% and I have spent 3-4 hours per day, every day for the last three years applying for jobs with no real success. When I heard about Afilorama et al, I decided that it was worth the investment of time and a little money to see if I could create a business of my own -- it was try this, or go back to endlessly filing out job applications on line and sending resumes. If I can make this work, then I can move out of this ridiculously expensive area where I live because of my ridiculously underfunded/under employed job and have the dual satisfaction of living some place more affordable AND being able to afford it! That would be pure bliss to me! So, I am laboring away at this course and some days it is cracking my brain until I think I may be driven to drink -- but I have come this far so I may as well soldier on. I don't know what kind of income I can make doing this, but the good news is, it won't take much to surpass the income I have now! Hopefully the only drinking I will be driven to do in the future will be to toast my success (with sparkling apple juice because I actually do not like to drink).
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Wow all your stories inspires me even more. My motivation primarily is that I want to work from home so that I can take care of my two kids, while at the same earning to help provide for the future of my kids. Yes, indeed there is also a sense of freedom involved, not having a boss, but rather having my own self as the "big boss".
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I agree with the others about freedom. And since I love traveling, I would love to be able to go and work anywhere (as long as there's internet) knowing that there would be money coming in.

However, my main motivation right now is to MAKE IT WORK. I've started several sites that did not really work for me but I am not giving up. I'm going to keep at this in order to reach my goal this year, which is to reach $1000 mark before the year ends.

Good luck to me! :D
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