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CPA Approval Today; Tips to get apporved by CPA networks

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CPA Approval Today; Tips to get apporved by CPA networks

Hi guys I just wanted to tell you all how I got approved today by cpa giant Azoogle. They do call you and ask you a few questions.

tip: Put a real phone number that you have access to right away. (eg your cell phone)
Azoogle is located in NYC so it will be a 212 area code

I was a little nervous to pick up but did and I was so happy that i did. One of the reason we don't get approval is because we don't pick up the phone when they call.

Tip: Tell them what you know and be honest. If you have don some ppc let them know. Also tell them, if they ask you, how you plan to promote the offers.

What type of offers are you looking to run? Tell them, zip codes, emails, insurance etc.

So if any of you applied, make sure you give a real phone. I think this is a big one,
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Yeah, it's not that big deal to be accepted to CPA networks. If you know what to say (or have a background and know what you're talking about).

I always say that I'm using free traffic from social sites (youtube, facebook etc) and from my email lists. And as my background I refer to SEO, PPC and PPV.

Picking up the phone is really a big step to the CPA networks :)
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Hi Guys,

What if you do not have a website ? and are a complete newbie but understand various concepts like PPC, SEO, Media Buying, Free traffic (as you mentioned) - Do they still accept you in ?

Thanks and Regards
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