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Copying content from an information-only site?

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Copying content from an information-only site?

hey guys,

In my article writing I have been researching some very interesting aspects of the weight lose niche.

I found a great website that describes many effects of eating disorders and consequences. In my writing i thought to reference and re write the data, and then thought- would it be a good idea to simply place there address on my article with something like.

click here to find out more about eating disorders.

The site offers no product reviews or products, just info on the subject.

I'm not concerned about duplicate content because of how this info is presented. There is only so many ways to write about dehydration, ya know what I mean.

Any advice, anybody do this, is it realistic and if so what steps do I have to take?

Hope all is well with you. happy keyword searching

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Hi Sergio,
I would not copy the content word for word.
I would have someone or yourself rewrite it as you don't want a nasty email from the owner of the site.

Just my 2 cents.

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Hi Sergio,

You can use other peoples content as long as you link back to their site. Sometimes people do that with ezine articles. You must remember to link to their site and make this obvious too otherwise it's going to land you in trouble.

If they're not selling anything then they should be grateful for the backlink helping their site up the rankings.

Got to say though, if you are concerned about SERP's then I personally wouldn't.

Hope this helps,

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Pointing to other good sites in your niche is always a good linking out strategy. Not only are you adding value for visitors but also for the entire search eco system. However, if you are competing for the same keywords then you are creating competition for yourself.
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