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Conversion Rates a Must for New Affil. Program Launch??

chris laub
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Conversion Rates a Must for New Affil. Program Launch??

Per the 4 Hour Work Week model I recently launched an information based product and set up affiliate programs on Clickbank and e-Junkie. I have a deep search engine marketing background but knew nothing about affiliate marketing prior to getting into this.

My question is: Do I have to prove my conversion rates before any truly productive affiliates will take my product seriously?? Or, more importantly: Could it hurt me at all to have a program without being able to prove my conversion rate yet? I am already engaged in landing page testing and looking at highly targeted media buys so that I can offer affiliates a proven conversion rate, but I'm wondering if I should potentially hold back before truly launching my program (I've listed the program on Clickbank but haven't announced it on any directories or done any serious affiliate recruitment yet).

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Hi Chris,

Conversion rate is one aspect that affiliates are looking for. High conversion rate for the program means higher possibility for them to sell that product on their site. High converting program really attracts affiliates because it means that the possibility to earn is really high.

Before doing anything, it's best that you understand how affiliate marketing works and align your expectations on what really is happening in this industry. Do some research and test the marketability of the product by maybe using some other means. Because if affiliates don't find your program working, they will look for something else.

Remember, the affiliates are your Marketing arm. You want to make sure that the Affiliate Marketers like your program.

Again, there are a lot of things affiliates consider but Conversion rate is one very vital part in the decision making.

Study the things that you could do to make your program more appealing to affiliates. If you decide to launch the program, find ways to compensate the lack of information on your conversion rate.

Good Luck!
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Yes, you need to provide your product's conversion rate to affiliates since conversion rates mean how well the product sells to the market. But since this is a new product, you can give a sort-of forecast on what the product's potential conversion rate is. Continue with your testing so you can come up with a factual conversion rate to give to affiliates later on.

All the best!
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