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Clickbank reaching 2 billion dollars

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Clickbank reaching 2 billion dollars

Clickbank is about to reach $2,000,000 in earnings paid. It's kind of exciting, like counting down new year. I think it should encourage anyone who isn't sure that money can be made from affiliate marketing. That is a lot of money being paid out and you only need a tiny slice.
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Clickbank's actually gone beyond the 2 billion mark. Last time I checked today they are at about 2,000,100,000. The question here for our members is how much from that 2 billion did you get?

If you haven't gotten a slice yet, then get going and get some for yourself.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! :)
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Easier said than done though, but all the best! Shows that it's definitely possible to make it big from there.
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