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ClickBank Alternatives For Non-US Members

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ClickBank Alternatives For Non-US Members

Hi, I'm an Italian Clickbank affiliate, and I'm looking for a clickbank alternative that pay via Paypal, because I've too mutch fee when I cash clickbank cheks in Italy, and for Italy Direct transfer is not possible.

Are there good alternatives?
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I have almost the same issue as I live in clickbank non-eligible country. Paydotcom.com seems to fit to your requirements (pays via paypal, although have a different set of products)...I am trying paydotcom.com now, can't yet do a review though
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I'm quite new in business, but I'm facing the same problem. Changing checks in bank can eat up almost half the profit... I found paydotcom.com as well, just have to get familiar with products though, they're bit different than clickbank's.
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I signed up for direct deposite to and it didn't work for me.. it says I have it activated, but they still send me the checks..
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International payments are indeed difficult and can be costly. And there aren't many affiliate networks that use paypal to pay out commissions. That's because affiliate networks often have to pay out to a LOT of people and I read somewhere that paypal is not really an ideal instrument when making a lot of payments.

There are some networks that use payoneer and with that you can just withdraw your commissions from a local ATM, in your local currency, or use your payoneer card to make purchases in much the same way as you would use a credit card. However, fees still do apply, such as activation, maintenance, and transaction fees.
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ampie g
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Click2sell and Avantlink can send commissions by Paypal. I haven't really checked out their sites so I'm not sure what products they have.
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Hi. everyone.

I suggest you to try HSBC, which is an international banking company and headquarter located in London. I recently opened an account with them in US and was told that I could open other account in any country where they have business. I can convert US dollars to that country's currency no any charge. They also issue a HSBC Premier World Master Card; you don't need pay any fee if you use it to withdrew money from other bank's ATM machine or use it purchase in any country. That credit card also gives you points (money back) when you use it. It doesn't charge annual fee. I think that credit card is good for frenquent international trvelers too.

You can meet their personal banker in a branch or go to their website:
Or call 1-888-662-4722 (from USA) or 1-716-841-6866 (Internationally) or 1-908-premier -- HSBC (single number for whole world).

Write down too many contact numbers because I am not sure which one is good. I never called them. Send me a message through this forum if you need more information. I can contact my personal banker who must know better than I am.

Hopefully, you can redeem 100% money you earned from hard work.

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Are there clickbank alternatives for non US Paypal users?
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google.com,  ads.txt:

google.com, pub-8859727898087585, DIRECT, f08c47fec0942fa0

 google.com, pub-8859727898087585, DIRECT, f08c47fec0942fa0

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Hi Aref,

Mark wrote a list of alternatives to ClickBank.. Keep in mind that some merchants have their own affiliate programs that are not in any network so be sure to check out the product's page or site for links to affiliate programs as well.

Hope that helps. Have a good day!
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