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clicbank 250$ -> check 224$ -> 123€ cash

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clicbank 250$ -> check 224$ -> 123€ cash

Hi everyone,

I'm a Clickbank affiliate from Italy and recently I've cashed my first check.

The problem is that I've cashed only the half! Can anyone knows how to solve this problem?

Is there a service that can cash the check and then pay me through paypal or something similar?

Or do I have to use another affiliate program?
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I was in Italy just when the Euro came into effect and I was outraged by the commision charged by Italian banks on travel checks. Some Charged 20% commission!!!
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you could read this, and talk with the support @ clickbank. http://www.clickbank.com/accounting.html

Direct Deposit (International).....{(XACH)}. I think you can get it setup even if your country does not seem to be on the list for Direct Deposit. Id go off with the support and explain how you as the most hard working affiliate known to man, have to give up CB because of the outrageus fees :)
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Clickbank are happy to do direct deposits after 2 checks have been banked - something to do with verifying addresses etc.

Congrats on the first check by the way - been following your progress from the sidelines - you've worked hard for that!

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