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Cash Tin - PPC Site Feedback

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Cash Tin - PPC Site Feedback

I was wondering if anyone is familiar with Cash Tin - ppc site.
I have just requested a payment for the first time and I just don't feel 100% confident that I will get it.
I think this comes from finally having to face the fact that RichGo PTR is just a scam!
I have learnt to be more realistic about what you can actually earn from these sites. Anyway if someone has either received payment from any of them, or knows about how real they are, I would really appreciate it!
Debbie Dixon
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Hi debdix,

I don't have any experience with that site and actually this is the first time that I've heard about it. I understand your concern because, I know for sure, that you spent precious time doing what you need to do to earn that payout amount. Gathering information about a company should be a priority before you do any transactions with them. Verify their reputation, their terms and conditions and the support that they provide to their customers. Let's be very careful and make sure that we are 100% confident before doing any transactions.

If the information given to you sounds too good to be true, sometimes it really is.
Going with the more established companies is the best thing to do. You could also compare and get the average pay outs of these established companies so that you'd have an idea on how much really the industry is offering.

I'm hoping that you'll get your payout really soon with that company. Please give us an update so that the members here would have an idea on how that company really works.

Still hoping for the best.

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"Knowledge is of no value unless you put it into practice.”
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Cash Tin is a revenue site. That means that it will only distributed cash outs if there is sufficient revenue into the site to support the payments. Payments made are in proportion of revenues to cash out requests so the moneys you might receive will be considerably less than the account balance you've accumulated.

The amounts they show in the proof of payments are the account balance amounts released when a cash out is paid.

I generally use revenue sites for advertising. I don't expect to ever receive a cash payout. But if the active membership is large enough, then clicking to accumulate funds that can be converted to ad credits make the work worthwhile. The conversion rate for this site is not as favorable as some other revenue sites I use, but there are more than 50 clickers so advertising does offer some value.
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