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Can you consider a misspelled keyword a niche?

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Can you consider a misspelled keyword a niche?

Hello Everyone,
I know this might sound stupid but here is what I did.I finally decided to get a web site up and running.after I finished
watching numerous videos and articles here and elsewhere on keywords.It was getting late (should have went to bed)
and typed in a keyword into Traffic Travis keyword tool and to my surprise it said it was easy to rank for that keyword,
so I go and get my domain and hosting took about 15 min. then went to bed.I wake up the next day only to realize I had typed in a misspelling of the keyword,so I typed in the correct spelling of the keyword and found that it went from easy to very difficult to rank plus that keyword has a high bounce rate.I wasn't discouraged and went ahead and built my wordpress site
and added all the correct keywords,even misspellings.I'm gonna use this site as a learning experience but wonder if anyone
had any suggestions? Thanks in advance.
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Well you could...
1. sell the domain
2. cut your losses for the domain purchase and move on
3. build it up into a nice site with great content and drive traffic to it
4. Choose another niche or sub niche
5. The domain may be keyword rich and can drive some natural traffic to it as long as you have some good content.

Honestly though.. if you feel you can not compete or do not want to compete with the other players in the market then just move on. Some people love the challenge though and learn a lot from it.
Hey, weight loss is very competitive but the market is HUGE.
I can not see people never ever again wanting to get into the weight loss market because of the big bad scary competition.
I can understand that as a newbie it can be a challenge and so for newbies I recommend starting off with something they know or love and learn from that then start to expand into other and bigger niches.

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Thanks,I think I will keep the site and try to build it up some to get some experience while I start researching a new niche.
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Deman if the mis-spelled KW gets a couple of thousand searches (Globally) each month then you should be able to make the best of an OOPS.

However, if the KW phrase is a bummer, not enough date in the google kw tool, then you might as well cut your loss and move on.

Six, seven buck for a domain name is not that bid a deal but your time and effort is worth a whole lot more.

Best of luck
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To answer your wquestion, NO, it's not.
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