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Can some body explain what does this guy need?

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Can some body explain what does this guy need?

I was trying to make some extra cash by creating websites for other people using the techniques I have learned here in AB. So I placed an add in one of the classifieds sites and here is the first order that I got:
Hi, found your email address. Do you work with blogger? I basically need to create a version of this template:


But slightly more polished and with my own custom colour palette. If you can do that, please let me know how much that'll cost. It's pretty simple but I need it ASAP so i thought i'd call a pro to do it.

Thanks in advance,

I don't understand what he wants. Can some body explain what is he asking for and what does he need?

Thank you
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Wow, that is one ugly template. I can see where your confusion is.

I would first ask the person if they want a template created for blogspot. Or if they plan on having the blog hosted somewhere else.

For sure you are going to need to get more specific. You can tell them what you "can" do.

"I can design a new template for you that has the same formatting and includes a colour scheme you like." You might also add that you would need to clarify a bit more on what it is about the template they like.

For instance, what is it exactly that they LIKE about that blog template? "Can you please share with me what it is that you are particularly interested in regarding that blog? It may be as simple as wanting a blog that will include pictures which of course is not about the template, but people that do not understand templates and blogs/websites may not understand what elements are part of a theme and what are simply items added to the blog.

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Yeah Zouf, I'm with Smuigal's suggestion here.

Tell them what you 'can' do.

I had an old business friend approach me about building her a website for her small-town coffee business. She had been quoted $400 and up to do it.

I showed her my AB site and told her that this is what I know and if she wants to have a similar look for her site then I would do it for $300. This was a few days ago so I dunno if I have the job or not.

I told her that I would follow this template and could put her business banner and pictures up but as far as major changes in the look of the site... sorry. This is my *small* body of knowledge about building a web page and if it doesn't fit you want, that's cool. I'm sorry I couldn't help you.

Just don't BS and agree to deliver something that you don't *currently* know how to do or you will fall into a lot of stress and worry, and that is just WEAKSAUCE!
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so true, I have not ventured into building sites for other people yet. too many complications.

It sounds like he wants a custom Template not a website built per say. thats what is confusing about it.
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Realistically, this guy is probably looking for something for nothing. But if he's really a customer he doesn't know what the hell he wants and even if he did he would be incapable of communicating it to you. You'll have to do what's called a "requirements analysis", basically that's just figuring out what he wants. It's a systematic question and answer process (bring plenty of visual aids and coffee). If you're not familiar with that already you've got some homework to do.

Quote him a price of about $100 to $300 for just that and then you will know what you will need to do from there and you'll be able to give him a bid/quote for the job you've both agreed he wants done. By the way, his reaction to this will provide you with insight into what he really thinks your time is worth.

If it's still a go then break his payments to you over certain parts of your work. For example, paying you a small amount in advance to deliver a prototype/sketch up of what you've both agreed he wants. Then after you both agree you're on the right track he should pay you for the next stage of the work which you will then do.

Get collaboration and agreement each step of the way before proceeding to the next stage of work. Never let him tell you to just go ahead and do it. You want him to "own it".

Put everything in writing and HAVE HIM SIGN OFF ON IT IN ADVANCE. NO EXCEPTIONS. EVER. PERIOD. When he changes his mind, "forgets" what he previously told you or just bails on you at least you'll have been paid for your time and effort.

Keep a precise record of all your work and your communications with him in case you ever have to prove you acted in good faith. Good luck.
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