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Can I give a negative feedback on an affiliate product?

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Can I give a negative feedback on an affiliate product?

I've been building a site for a niche and I've been reviewing the products.
One of the products is flat out stinky bad.
Is it wrong to post a truly negative review at my site?
I don't want to get in trouble with Clickbank or anything like that. Yet I wonder if putting up an article where I don't recommend something will help me gain the trust of my market.
Any thoughts?
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I think just be honest.
If it stinks, it stinks, just be honest. Otherwise just don't promote the product.
Of course I am assuming you are promoting other products alongside each other.
I think your honesty will be refreshing to your readers.
Just my 2 cents.
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I totally agree with Troy. If you think the product is not good, don't promote it. Just concentrate on promoting the great products in your chosen niche.

But if you think you really, really need to post a negative review on one of your affiliate products, try to go to forums and check what other customers are saying about that product. See if most clients share the same opinion, just to make sure that you'll be able to give an objective review.
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you can also use it as an opportunity to promote another product that you think is better. I have seen many affiliate sites doing that.
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Frank Kern talks a lot about "trust and desire" when it comes to motivating people to buy. If you promote a flaky product and people find you speaking highly of it, you very quickly lose the trust factor, and you'll lose the buyers confidence.

It might seem like it would help having a honest negative review but my experience says its better to have all positive reviews so Id recommend you just leave it out.
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Probably like we were taught growing up...if you can't say anything nice about someone ..don't say anything at all!!

Best not to get into negativety just stick to the good products.
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HI all,

It's really a tough one to answer..

If you find a truly 'dud' product, I personally feel that to help and inform others, you have to be honest , but also measured with your thoughts about it.

What I'm not keen on is when someone gets stuck right into a product owner on a personal level.

For me, that is not on!


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