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Can I get my site reviewed here?

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Can I get my site reviewed here?

I've been working for months now on SEOing my site without knowing if my site has a chance to "make it". Can I get my site reviewed by you guys? In one of the pages I installed some ad sense. Is it good? Does it bother the customer? So, I hope you can give my review. My site is within my signature

Thanks all
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OK to start, you have some crazy weird reflection that just isn't working at all on my side. Also the I hate that the boxes your reviewing your products in are different sizes. Some of the text overlaps with the links and pictures and vise versa. Also some Images overlap with some images. The nav isn't centered either I'd like to say. Remember I'm using Safari. I would suggest making your website browser compatible. Firefox is the most widely used browser in the world. I would definatly optimize it for that first. Fortunately I have Firefox to. It does look much better in Firefox. The colors are so much better to. Everything looks great actually in Firefox.
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first congratulation to your efforts. I don´t know if you are already making any sales or how much traffic. This would help to help you. Apart your adsense site, from a customer standpoint, don´t have provide muchvalue, sure the bounce rate is high.
My suggestion, go visit this Affilorama lessons first, then move on from there:

Good luck,
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