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Calling all experienced online marketers, share your story!

shesa encarnacion
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Calling all experienced online marketers, share your story!

Hi everybody! Would you share your online story?

Curiosity is getting the better of me and I'm looking for experienced marketers in here who is kind enough to share with us how they started online and how is it going so far.

Is it worth it to be in this kind of business? Can it really replace a full-time job? How about life offline? Do you spend 12-16 hours a day online? What's your success story? (I only heard about Mark's success on the videos, how about you guys?)

Let us learn from your story. Do you have any piece of advice you can offer to oldies and newbies alike?
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Hi Shesa, I'm not an experienced marketer, just a newbie so I have no story to tell.

Are there no experienced affiliate marketers here? Hope somebody would share something so we can learn from them.
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I think they've run off to do things that make them money :) That's what you get, I suppose. Teach someone how to make money online, and then they spend all their time making money online. No cards and Christmas, no birthday greetings, don't bother to take the time to write...

So it goes.
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I thought I would write something since I haven't been on here for a while,

I have had success in different fields of the internet and business, I have had success with the sale of websites, I have had failures with over budgeted campaigns, all this mainly working with existing website businesses.

There is so much to talk about, Short tips?

- Patience (It takes time)
- Persistence (Never Give Up)
- Knowledge (I am always learning so never feel like an expert)
- Goals (Always have the end in mind)
- Time (Use this wisely, 10% in Learning, 10% Goals , 80% Action)


Matt 8)
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Wow, great tips there kiwikool! Thanks! More power to you! :)
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Kia ora, I too am still just a newbie really, I am struggling with the "building a proffessional website stuff" but I will get there, I hae always foud it hard to learn acaddemicly.. But I am determined, dedicated, and diciplined to to keep chipping at it untill I ave got it sorted... Practice maes perfect right!

However I am having a little bit of success via article writing, and I believe dong this is a real good art to practising your content witing skills...
www.ezinearticles.com is one of the best places to start, they are very strict and keep your writing skills on your toes...

Yes I do think that when your found your way in this industry, life will become as rewading as you choose! w just got to keep on keeping on, and believe ourselves...

Kind regards Rob
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I can only offer this suggestion. Follow the right steps.

1. Educate yourself about internet marketing.

2. Find a product to sell with a one time purchase of LESS than $50.00.

3. Learn to effectively advertise for FREE or little cost.

4. Insure that you offer integrity and value to prospects.

Learn...earn...and become valuable. People don't join your business, they join you!

Regards and best wishes for your desired success,
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