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Buying Links

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Buying Links

Hi everyone,

Just took time off and was wondering around the warrior forum. I found all sorts of crazy offers!

has anyone bought the links being sold to members on that site? Any positive results from buying these thousands of links????

Please respond...

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I'm not here to sell you anything but glad to help whenever I can only through Pivate Msg.
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No offense to WF, but most of the "Wso" section are scams being sold by peopl who have never made any money online. many of them are just reworded PLR content with their own name on it.

now, there are some good ones in there, but you have to know what you are doing to weed out the real gems from the overhyped self proclaimed experts.

one thing I would recommend is to check the forum itself. is the wso owner actually helping people? I have seen so many wso owners, in the forum asking for help with the very things they are claiming to teach....
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Your Focus Determines Your Reality
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I'd have to agree with James.

Buying backlinks I don't think is ever a good idea.

One other thing I'd suggest. Get off the forums and focus on building sites. Says he typing a response on a forum. But honestly, 80% of our time has to be spent on things that build our business i.e. building our websites, writing articles, writing content for article submissions etc, etc.

The other 20% can be spent on forums and stuff.

One last thing, just focus on one approach at the exclusion of all others until you've made it work, or you've given it enough time.
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