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Busting the Keyword Competition Woot!

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Busting the Keyword Competition Woot!

Hello Me Fellow AB Peeps,

I'm just so excited about my recent progress I had to share. I have a client that hired me 3 weeks ago to do some SEO. She picked 4 really tough keywords for me to work with. Honestly I thought it would take me 3 to 6 months to get to the first page for the main keyword she wanted. Her business is all about selling Real Estate in one of the top selling areas in the US.

So, anywho, lemme give you a little background. She paid this other SEO guy a huge chunk of change for 3 months work and he didn't hardly move their site up at all. They felt he scammed them big time and so when they called me to help them they really put me through the ringer asking me all kinds of questions and there was a HUGE lack of trust for both of us as I really didn't want to work hard the first month and then have them quit short of achieving success... Technically they are my first big client so I didn't have any testimonials to show them and for these keyword phrases you really need no less than 3 months - or so I thought!

Well, after just 7 days I was able to at least MOVE every one of the keyword phrases from somewhere around 150 - 200 to under 100. That helped them calm down a bit. Then 2 weeks in some of the keyword phrases were under 50. At this point her husband FINALLY started to "raise" an eyebrow.

Today, 3 weeks later, that keyword that has almost 1 million IN QUOTES, is now number 7 in Google. Woot! In fact the other 3 are between numbers 13 - 16. :D Her main keyword phrase according to Adwords tool gets 110,000 searches a month!! I want you to know that I just got off the phone with her and she was just about crying. Soooo wonderful and rewarding to make people happy like this.

I know all of you are saying, HOW'D YOU DO IT????

FIRST - I purchased Marks AB! Very Important... so if you have not, do it now!

Here's the breakdown:

Linkwheel - some pinging and bookmarking
AMA - Articles
PR5 - 8 Social Network backlinks
Twitter - Just a sprinkle of twitter.
Blog comments on related niche blogs

I have NOT even started my other additional strategies for next month. Should see all of these keyword phrases on number one within first 5 positions I think in the next month using Video articles, adding RSS feeds to the linkwheel and two new blogs created specifically for boosting their site backlinks.

I hope this is encouraging to those of you who feel some keywords are too difficult to tackle. I say go for the the long tail keywords and sprinkle in some high traffic competitive long tail keywords in there along the way. STOP reading all those FREEBIE thingy's out there. Just focus on your own stuff. There is no free lunch here.

This has inspired me to go for more competitive keyword phrases and build on my new niche blogs and this one website I had abandoned. Hehe... Woot!

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Hey Smuigal,
Great post mate.
Very positive indeed. I think instead of thinking or more focusing about how to do things, people just need to Do it.

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they were the big things.

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I agree, great post and congratulations. It's posts like this that inspire people... thanks for sharing it with everyone.
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ampie g
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Very inspiring, smuigal. Thanks for sharing. :)
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Amazing! You have been working hard, Smuigal :) You've posted a lot of success stories lately. Looking forward to seeing more posts from you.
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I've been trying my hand at this Internet business since I purchased my first domain name for $90.00. Bought tons of ebooks and How-to's and software. Been scammed of big money several times.

So, I guess you can say "I've been around the block". I understand the frustrations from this business. I really feel that Mark is the first person that I have found to give people 100% of what they need to do. It is hard work, but it does work, and that is the point.

There are some added things I've learned of course, but overall, it was Marks videos that set me on the right track. I read in here somewhere that people forget to comment from their success and I really wanted to make sure I didn't do that.

I'm happy to share and wish you all the best,
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Need help? Looking for answers? I've coached 70+ students to 5 and 6 figure success. Private message me on FB for details on a one on one session for help knowing where to start your success or end your failure. https://www.facebook.com/netwoozy.gal

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