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Business Plan Competition,Is affiliate marketing a good idea

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Business Plan Competition,Is affiliate marketing a good idea

There is a Business Plan Competition in my college and I'm thinking of joining and writing a business plan about affiliate marketing.

Is affiliate marketing a good idea for a business plan competition or should I choose another idea?

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I think affiliate marketing can be a very legitimate business plan, but I guess it really depends on the criteria of your competition. If you want to do it, and it seems to fit the criteria, why not :)
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I don't think you can say "affiliate marketing" is a business plan. That's way to broad - and what does it mean anyway?

Applying affiliate strategies may be part of an overall model of revenue - but generating revenue streams is far from what business is all about - and anyone who tells you otherwise does not understand what business is.

No - you want to be much more specific than that. Pick a long term goal - and then start to think about business strategies to acheive that goal. Through this you will begin the process of identifying different marketing models; their forms, functions, applications and combinations. Once this is achieved you should begin to be able to apply, integrate and formulate these models (and there can be many of them) into a sustainable and coherent business plan that is subservant to an end business goal.
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Affiliate marketing is a broad term encompassing multiple meanings and endeavors. To establish a business plan you need to direct your research along with the accompanying plan to a specific set of perameters.

Yes, generally affiliate marketing would be acceptable if you can develop specificity of goals that can be reached using an affiliate sales model. This will not be an easy subject to tackle. However, what you would learn through your research may be highly prized whether you win the competition or not.

Most affiliate businesses are not operated in a business like manner. Your first requirement will be in defining the business model. It is the business model that will dictate the direction of your research.

Affiliate marketing is a very topical subject. Many businesses are now using affiliate marketing to increase their income cash flow.

Good luck!

Margene Smith
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Yes, affiliate marketing is a profitable business opportunity so it would be a good idea to create a business plan. It must contain the same compotents of a traditional business plan:

1) vision for your affiliate marketing business
2) specific goals
3) steps to be executed (study affiliate marketing, do niche/market research, create your website, market your website, etc.)
4) measurement of your progress (track and analyze your efforts)

All the best!
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