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bootcamp #1

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bootcamp #1


I d like to clear a bit of confusion after seeing the first bootcamp episode.

After you select 20 keywords do these become 20 separate websites or word press blogs after which you go out and find 20 different articles specific to each keyword. I am so new I dont know what good questions to ask..I hope the above made sense.

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Hello there, I myself is new but what I get from the boot camp is that the 20 keywords all relate to the product that you are promoting. Remember Mark chose the "flight smimulator product. If you notice they all have the root keyword flight smiulator.

They are also tightly grouped together relevant to the product and each will become an article for your blog.

The article should be well written and SEO for search engine traffic.

This is what I understand. If anyone has a different understanding, please add your response.
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Hi there,

I am all new here (premium) but cannot find the bootcamp videos. Can you help?

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When you first log in, it will be under the HOME link.
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Mark said the replay for Bootcamp #1 would be on today and I can't find it? I looked under the HOME link as suggested and still don't see it? Can someone tell me specifically where it is? It was SOOOO much info, I really need to see it again. Especially the last hour when I was so tired my eyes kept wanting to close! I'm up very early, so that was late for me! Thanks!
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wrong thread this was marks blogging bootcamp back in december. the jetpack bootcamp will be in the members area, it is just running a little behind.
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