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Boot Camp Number Three

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Boot Camp Number Three

How was the 3rd edition of the Boot Camp webinar? I missed it! Does anyone one have any comments on it?

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Hi, I'm still in the middle of processing it (GotoWebinar produces a weird format that requires a few passes through Windows Media Encoder which takes quite a few hours). I should have it online in the next 6-12 hours.
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I caught about 15 minutes of it at about the middle of the webinar. Looked like great information, as always. Looking forward to the replay! :)
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I watched the Affiliate Bootcamp Webinar 1 & 2, but now I cannot find the link to watch Webinars 3 & 4. Can anyone tell me where the Affiliate Bootcamp Webinars are located?
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have bootcamps.... been downloaded - does anyone know the links?
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