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bold, italic and underlining keyword for on page SEO?

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bold, italic and underlining keyword for on page SEO?

does this improve your onpage seo?
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Absolutely, along with h1, h2...

Most people discount the power of correct onpage SEO, and then scratch their heads trying to figure out why someone with less links ranks higher.
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Just remember, though, that having too many h1, h2, bold, italic, and underlined text on your web page can make it look spammy. Format your text so that the important terms catch the attention of your readers while at the same time keeping the look of your page professional.

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Thanks for the good advice Faradina. The consequences for spam content is certainly risky. Thanks for this good word of caution.
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this is absolutely true. Having it in bold can help, but I see people that bold every occurence of the keyword, and that makes it look spammy. once or twice cool as long as the formatting makes sense in context with the rest of your content, but don't overdo it.
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