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Bloggers needed to test new affiliate website!!!!

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Bloggers needed to test new affiliate website!!!!

We need some help in regards to getting writers to test and create content on a website we are launching soon. Our website, www.NichePage.com, allows people to create pages and share their knowledge of products with others. It's sort of like squidoo and hubpages but instead of allowing any content to be created, it focuses on only blogs about products. Our goal is to change the way people shop online and make it easier for shoppers to gain the knowledge they need to find good products 

We would love for writers to create a page on NichePage.com and give us feedback with their experience. We are launching a private Beta on June 4th. Our goal during our private Beta is to see what users think about the website and to also create some content before our public launch in early July. 

People can sign up for our private beta now by going to NichePage.com and clicking on the sign up link on the right hand side. Only the homepage is accessible until June 4th, but I have provided you with a link to see what a niche page would look like.  
https://zeenshare.com/shared/X1hpZTHNM4 ... IDUmwq9Jqh

So what do you guys think about the site"?......
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Sure, we can create content for you, but what would we get out of it?
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Hi Zfa32937,

Thanks for sharing this with us. If we write content for the site, do we get a commission from the products if it is bought from our "niche page"? Or do you mean, your service is to help marketers build sites quickly through the use of your sites?

Thanks and have a good weekend!
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