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Big Hello from Eric Marlow

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Big Hello from Eric Marlow

Hi all,
I joined this site several months ago. After sometime of reviewing methods and tactics from several gurus I've come to the decision that Mark Ling and the Affilorama gang are the ones to follow.

My biggest problem since turning my focus to learning how to make money online has been who to trust? Alot of "educators" present themselves in a less than professional way and appear out right as scammers. I tend to stick to clickbank products to ensure a no hassle refund.

I'm happy to say that Mark Ling is one of the few that has been consistent in his professionalism and customer support, plus is an overall nice guy. :-)

I've learned quite a bit from his free teleseminars and webinars alone, but I was lucky enough to get his Affiliate Classroom version 2.0 bonus which includes a great bootcamp video series.

I plan to participate more in this forum.

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Welcome Eric.
Glad to have you here.
Feel free to ask and give advice when you see fit.
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Hi Eric

Welcome to the forum and I look forward to your input on the different forums - everyones contribution helps so never hold back from commenting just because you dont feel you know everything on the subject or arent an authority - everyones opinion is valid in itself.

The AffiloBlueprint provides a pretty solid 12-week IM course that a lot of members find good because it 'channels' their efforts into one thing at a time and keeps them moving forward, rather than chasing every new thing that comes their way. Fighting the distraction is not easy!
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Welcome to Affilorama, Eric!

If I've learned anything from the posts here, it is that affiliate marketing takes patience and effort. Patience, because it can seem that things are not working when they really are. And effort, whether done by you or outsourced intelligently, because without effort, nothing gets done.

Good luck, stay focused, learn all you can, and have fun!

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