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Before setting out, there are a few nagging questions...

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Before setting out, there are a few nagging questions...

I have spent about a year looking at various different programs on the Internet with relation to affiliate marketing. I admit that I have downloaded several programs from sites of dubious content in order to get a feel for what affiliate marketing is. Each of the programs left me feeling that there was something missing – they seemed to show a lot but never quite gave you the last bit of information that tied it all together. Therefore, I felt a little confused and unsure what to do.

I looked at Affilorama a long time ago but did not really go into it in any depth. Now though, I think that I am going to go with Affilorama as I have looked at every page, every link, on the site and it seems really comprehensive. Just hoping the $197 AffiloBlueprint package proves to be so!

At the moment, I still have a few questions that I would like to ask through the forums:

1. For someone who is just starting out in affiliate marketing, is the Affilorama Premium package necessary from the beginning? My thoughts are to purchase only the AffiloBlueprint package in the beginning.

2. I assume the Affilorama Premium package can be purchased later if necessary. Is that so?

3. I was considering making a ‘user manual’ by copying the information from each page of the site (sometimes it is easier to flick through a book than find the page on a website). However, I guess the pages get updated from time to time and then the manual would be out of date. Any opinions on making a printed ‘user manual’? Is it allowable?

4. One thing that has worried me from the start – SEO. How can everyone get their site on the first page of Google? Does the AffiloBlueprint package explain this in detail (it really worries me)?
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Hello and welcome!

With anything, it's extremely important to stick with it. The vast majority of people that purchase courses or any type of product simply do not follow through long enough to see great results.

1. Yes, I would recommend this especially for someone just starting out as it explains information from the very beginning.

2. Correct, not necessary to begin

3. This is a good strategy for increased reach, traffic and credibility, but it is something ADDITIONAL, not to replace your site

4. Affiloblueprint covers a LOT of SEO strategy.

Good luck!
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Thanks for the reply. In my question #3, 'the site' means 'the Affilorama site' not my site.

Could you answer that question again please?
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to add in, the AB course comes with PDF version of each lesson that you can also download, so no reason to make your own. The AB course has over 85 step by step videos, plus there is a private forum to help you with any questions you may have. they try to do everything possible to help you understand everything you need.

Since a lot of the information in Affilorama is based on current technology, which changes fast.

A lot of what is missing in the other places you go is actually the fundamentals. The basic skills needed are essential to making your business work, yet many training programs are ignoring those fundamentals. AB focuses on teaching those basics, then teaching you more advanced techniques once you have the chance to master those basics.

Affilorama premium is basically additional tools to help you do the things that the AB course teaches a long with additional advanced training. As a newbie, it isn't critical, but can be extremely valuable if you utilize the tools they provide.

Good luck, and don't hesitate to ask any more questions.
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Affilorama Premium is not a package, it is a monthly membership program. You get a month's free trial of this when you join Affiloblueprint, so you can make your own mind up whether it is worth it or not to stay a member.
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