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Baffled by Sales Slump

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Baffled by Sales Slump

By all analytical measurements, my website is doing well. Traffic and hops are ramping up nicely and Google rankings are solid. Ezine articles are driving suite a bit of traffic as well, and I just cashed my first Clickbank paycheck.

Problem is, since my first check was issued 41 days ago, I have not had a single sale. I cannot figure out why. I have not changed my website at all. I am still getting the same amount of traffic from the same sources, only now I am getting traffic from new keywords etc. My numbers seem to be increasing in every way except for sales. Look at my numbers:

The 41 days PRIOR TO my last sale:
474 visits
48% bounce rate
188 hops
3 sales

The 41 days SINCE my last sale:
888 visits
53% bounce rate
255 hops

Am I missing something? What's going on here? Any ideas or advice on where to look for problems would be appreciated!
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This is hard to diagnose.
It could be anything.
Sometimes you just have to keep pushing along and building those links.

May I give my opinion on your site though. I am not suggesting this is why you are not getting sales but just thought I would give you my suggestions while I was here...

1. Your header alt text needs to have a keyword or site title in it.
2. The gray on your site background would not be my first choice... just dulls everything down.
3. I have never been a fan of having space at the top of my page. Move it all up to the top.
4. Some of the pictures on your site have ALT text but it's just one word... Ex: how to stop a divorce. The picture just says Divorce.
5. You need an opt in box with a free report etc... Get that list building up.
6. Maybe look at expanding your products on offer other than clickbank.
I found this at number 2 in Google (Australia) http://www.keepyourmarriage.com/
It has an affiliate program.

Hope things pick up for you. Sorry I don't have a deeper explanation for you.
Maybe someone else can chime in here...

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Thanks for the input. This is my first site, and I recognize that it is not perfect, so I will try your suggestions. I would love to put an opt-in box, but I don't have the money to pay for aweber unless I start getting sales. Kind of a viscious circle.

The thing that stumps me the most is that the only thing that has changed is I have a lot of new visitors from new keywords. all of the old traffic and content that was converting before is no longer converting. Maybe it's just a statistical anomaly...but it sure stinks. I am actually considering trying a couple new products to see if they will convert better, but I am not sure I should panic yet.

Any other reviews of my site would be appreciated, even if you can't think of a reason why I'm not getting sales.
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The first explanation that popped into my mind is that you just don't have enough data. I used to play poker online for a living, and there were several weeks where I played just fine, discussed strategy with people on forums, and still lost a lot of money. If you posted a slump on those forums that lasted less than 10,000 hands (yes, ten thousand), you got laughed at since you just didn't have enough statistical data for your winrate to have any real meaning. It wasn't because you played bad. It's just that that's the nature of the game. Sometimes you get unlucky.

Three sales over 500 hops isn't great, but I don't think it's horrible. Just keep working on making it a better site, and the sales will eventually come.
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You're probably right ginandtonic. I thought about what you said so I looked back at my sites full history. 5 sales over 615 hops. That's 1 in 120, which is close to what Mark said that a good sales copy should have about 1 in 100. I guess I am just in the raw end of statistical limbo. I'll keep working on the site. I am going to use the $130 I've already made to outsource a few articles and flesh the site out for real.
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You are doing well. In fact, 1% conversion rate is what a good sales letter do.

When you create your newsletter and create relationships with your subscribers, sales should increase.

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