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Back for a second round

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Back for a second round

Want to retire and had no luck with the first premium membership and I am thinking of all I know now and just wanting to try an Affilo back pack it will take a few days to get the cash together then it is off to the races. 60 days to $$$$ guaranteed no loss.I hope it works better this round. Two years to learn marketing and computer and writing all that and starting with a grade school education if I can any one can.I will post back in a few days .
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Pro at basic WP and keyword research willing to coach.mackaybruce@hotmail.com
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Good Luck to you mack45! Nice to see you haven't given up trying.....let us know when you get results, we're all rooting for you!
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Echo Michael's statement. All the best! Keep us posted with your results. :)

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Hey - Good luck and I want to know about progress as I think it might be something I would like to try too.
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Hey Mac. Premium is great, but it is really more about aditional training and tools to make the AffiloBlueprint and AffiloJetpack training programs easier to follow. It isn't really a full training program by itself (although you can follow the blog bootcamp for some training).

My biggest recommendation (that often goes unheeded, unfortunately) is to do 1 site, and focus your efforts on that one site until it is successful. Even further, pick one or two pages, and focus on those until you have them ranking and bringing in some opt ins and sales. If you do, you will succeed following the training available. The people I have seen struggle are trying to do all their sites at once without really understanding the process.

Remember, your first site is a learning experience, and honestly going too fast through it will make your progress slow down. Take it slow, and you will succeed faster. its kind of backwards thinking from what most people think, but it works.
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