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Aweber follow up not working

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Aweber follow up not working

Hoping that some-one shed some light on why my 1st follow up message isn't working.
I've loaded up the form which directs to a download page - all that works fine but my 1st letter isn't going out immediately.
At this stage there is only the one message and I've done it in the Html version - in the past I've loaded up more than one message and not the Html version - but I wouldn't have thought that would be the problem.
I can't understand why it's not working - it's never happened before.
Can anyone help please?
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Hi feeoshea,

How's your aweber follow up email now? Is it already working? What I suggest, if it's not going to have any major effect, you can redo everything and make sure that the setup is in order. It's very important that you find a solution to this right away. Have you tried getting in touch with aweber support? I'm pretty sure it's just something really minor but usually that's the hardest glitch to find.

I hope all is well now.

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did you check to make sure it didn't go into the spam folder? sometimes they wind up there, even when they shouldn't. that has happened to mine a few times.
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