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Authority Pro

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Authority Pro

Has anyone on this forum purchased [url]Authority Pro[/url]?
Have you had problems downloading it and installing the themes/plug-ins?
I was curious to see if anyone else was having the problems that I was having. Support has been so-so.
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Site Admin
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Hi Jesse,

Please insert the link for Authority Pro so we can take a look at it.

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I tried it and I couldn't get the theme to load.
Support told me to use FTP, I didn't want to so I refunded.

I went looking for a similar product because I got all jazzed up about having the fuetures that AP had.

I found flex squeeze http://www.flexsqueeze.com and simply love it.
And it loaded up easy peezy like a Word Press theme should.

Any way if you are going to keep AP you will have to load it with FTP bro.
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J.C. Dean
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I'm using AP 2.0 on my blog at the moment with no issues.
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