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Attacking Your Daily Task List

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Attacking Your Daily Task List

Greetings Fellow Affiliates~

It would be very helpful to know what how other affiliates set their daily to-dos!
1. What is the first thing you do when you sit down at the computer? For instance, Mark mentioned that he first visits a few of his forums.
2. How do you set your priorities? SEO tasks, new niche research, dry cleaner pickup?
3. What software are you using to stay on task - Outlook, Google Calender, etc?
4. Do you watch the clock? "For the next hour I will sort through my emails, then the second hour I will write an article, then I'll learn how to use Rapid Rewriter, etc.

I would love to hear from all of you - staff and students, successful and those still waiting for their first sale. I am feeling a bit overwhelmed, but will never give up. I find that "life" keeps getting in the way of my work (family coming to visit, babysitting, etc.) I tell myself each morning that if I just do the next "right" thing, I get to the end of the day and be proud of myself. It also helps me to look back at the past six months and appreciate how far I've come. This is very important for times when I feel impatient or discouraged.

Thanks in advance for all your comments!
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VirginiaP, The Barefoot Affiliate

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Hi VirginiaP, I really would like to know the answers to those.

I would like to know if what Im doing is ok... no big sales yet thought, but like you I will not give up.

As for me, I schedule my article marketing/submission daily.. I use spreadsheet (the one in google docs, since I have a couple of contractors doing profile links and web2.0 things)

But, yeah, will wait for some feedback to the masters...
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First thing I do is sit down and write. I either write a new blog post, article, or whatever I am working on at the moment. I find that once I start hitting forums and social sites, I spend the rest of the day on it, so I try to get my writing done first.
I also sit down and pick out my keywords and brainstorm a few titles the day before, right before I go to bed.. this way, overnight my brain will mull over ideas and when I get up and go to work, my brain already has a few concepts for what to write.
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Your Focus Determines Your Reality
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First thing I do is consider my most important task that needs to be done.

The things to "avoid" will help a lot as well.

1. AVOID research - I consider research as part of my FREE time. A lot of people spend hours and hours (me too) in research. If you start your work day out with this, you will not get a lot of work done. Your brain is very taxed doing research. It's better to get your articles written, backlinking work done, or new sites created whatever your work for the day that is important to do - do that first.

2. Hold off on Email if Possible- Since I have an SEO business I have to look over my email first thing to be sure to take care of my clients. However, I AVOID like the plague reading any newsletters or even "friend" emails until I am done with my work for the day.

I actually do not really read newsletters anymore. I glance at a few to keep up to date with new SEO tools and other products related to what we do, but in general I avoid them.

Oh, I also use XLS sheets. These REALLY help me keep track of my SEO jobs, what is done and what needs to be done. Those are life savers.

In general I spend 1 to 2 hours on my computer most days of the week. I will usually have one long day on my PC, but that is in organizing my week and filling out reports etc... or sometimes it's because I'm researching.

Reading newsletter, looking at new offers, researching new products, keywords, and so forth are KILLERS to this business if it is put before the real work.

I don't know about you guys but my mind gets really exhausted from research. Anytime you are learning new things you're really taxing your brain. When you are working, such as perhaps writing articles or backlinking, you already know how to do these things so your brain is not working as hard on what you already know.

So, if you first do the work, and then, if your brain is not tired from the work, you can "play" with your time by doing reseasrch or exploring new ideas without fear of being too tired to get any work done for the day.

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Thanks for the tips Chrisi, it's true, you get distracted doing research and end up not doing much at all.
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Totally, when i research i end up with 20 tabs in my browser but don't look at them again -- just keep looking at new sites and then closinng like 1 or 2 sites. what a mess a create for myself and i feel like my head is about to explode! : )
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