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Asking for free product to review

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Asking for free product to review

Does Mark have a template letter asking a vendor for a free product so I can review it on my website and promote it? I had a feeling it was somewhere in AFB. Maybe I have it wrong, if there is one could someone please let me know where it is? Thanks
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Yeah. If memory serves me right, I think it's in the week 5 PDF.
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It is in the pdf on week 5. And it works. I have used it several times, and the only time it does not really work is in the IM niche.
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I have used it several times, and the only time it does not really work is in the IM niche.

These guys would make no money if they gave away free copies to affiliates!

Well... that's not a hard and fast rule. If you're really well established as an affiliate with a proven track record, then I'm sure a few would give you a trial copy. But not if you look like you could be a customer ;)
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